Thank You for Choosing working with us. We are working with over 400 Service Advisers all over Florida everyone getting paid an average of $1,250 to $3,500 a week on Wednesday via Zelle or CashApp. We are fully committed to get as many claims possible since the Law changes on July 1st.
Steps To Make Money;
1. Fill out and sign a  W-9 Form
2. Scan the W9 filled up and signed email it with your Full Name/ Dealership as Subject. Include your Phone number and your Zelle or CashApp information for your weekly payment.
3. Email the information to the person that introduced you to us.Once you email the information you are ready to make money at your current job.
4.When you are inspecting a customer car pay good attention to their Windshield. If you see the vehicle has many chips or is cracked you have a potential claim.
5. Show the customer the damages and inform them that if they have their insurance card with them and tell them that you will have a windshield company replacing their Windshield at their house or work in approximately 2 days.
6. Tell the customer it’s Florida State law to cover your Windshield without paying any deductible and that Insurance Companies are pushing really hard to change the law very shortly and then customers will have to replace the Windshield out of packet or do a Claim paying a deductible.
7. Go to the Website and fill out the required information and photos. Don’t forget to click on submit in order to start the claim.
8. Tell your customer they will be getting a call from the installer to confirm the installation.
9. Once the Windshield is installed before Monday’s before 5:00 p.m ET your payment will be made on Tuesday morning. If Zelle is your method of payment sometimes takes an extra day for payment to become available. CashApp will be instant.